Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Pair of Shoes

So you remember during our hike in the the Pisgah National Forest Lisa took a little spill on a slippery rock and got a nice stinger. Being that I'm kind of a bargain-priced gear geek I relished the opportunity to research and order her some hiking boots. We ended up choosing a pair of Asolo Attivas. These Asolos were on the 2008 Backpacker Magazine's Gear Guide as best fit for women or something like that.

Last Sunday we went hiking at Little River Park. I think I was more anxious to see how the boots worked than Lisa was and of course King is always pumped to head out for a ride in the car and go for a jaunt. The Asolos worked great for traction and have a cool light green color they call "foilage", even a fellow hiker gave Lisa some props about her cool looking boots. The only downside is that they rubbed the skin on her ankles. Hopefully they'll break-in and become comfortable. She going to try a different pair of socks for our next hike.

It was a nice hike, we got in about 4.5 miles and had a good time. I wanted watch the Eagles-Giants game, but I'm glad we got out of the house and went for hike. The park was beautiful w/ part of the trail following the Little River. It was just a good opportunity to appreciate nature and enjoy each others company. When we got back to the start there was a family with a lab puppy so King was happy too since he got a chance to play w/ another dog.

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