Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Quick Takes on Biking

1. My bike ride tonight after work felt really good. I didn't push it, just logged about 1.5 hours and it felt like all stress, all worries, just went away. It felt so good.

2. I screwed up another carbon fork. The stem clamp left a gouge in the steerer. I torqued it to the correct amount. It was a Reynolds Pro Ouzo too. I already damaged my Profile Designs fork. I know I'm through w/ Deda Newton stems.

3. I got the hook up on a Thomson X2 stem for $50 off Craigslist. One good thing, I don't feel a sharp edge where the stem clamps to the steerer.

3. I raced the Azalea Festival Tri Saturday before last. The bike leg went good for me as I was 3rd out of 37 in my age-group.

4. I feel a lot faster when I run my disc wheel for tris.

5. Assos bibshorts are incredible. I really shouldn't have spent that much on cycling clothing but those FI.13 shorts are the real deal. I got in my first ride w/ them tonight.

6. I pimped my bike a little bit by replacing my bottom bracket to one w/ ceramic bearings.

7. I don't know how much it would help in training, but I think it'd be real cool to have a powermeter. I've been looking at the Quarq.

8. That's a bummer about LA crashing and winding up w/ a broken collarbone. That had to hurt like hell. I've had a few falls cycling and believe me it sucks.

9. I hope LA gets better in time for the TdF.

10. Speaking of pro riders, I've got a homeboy out of Compton, Rashaan Bahati that's doing big things on the Rock & Republic team. Well I'm not from Compton, I grew up in LA. What the heck, its close enough so Rashaan is my homie.