Monday, April 27, 2009

Interview w/ Self

Rob: What's up with you man, its been a minute since you updated your blog.
Self: I don't know, its like I've been in some kinda 'net isoloation lately.

Rob: So what have you been up to?
Self: Bro, its been a lot of cycling lately. I did something really cool weekend before last. I did the Cycle North Carolina Spring Ride down at Washington, NC. I camped out and rode 3 days covering 255 miles.

Rob: That's some good mileage.
Self: It was a real nice experience, doing the tent camping, waking up riding, and just hanging out w/ some of the nicest folks around. Also I saw a lot of recumbents.

Rob: What were some of the highlignts?
Self: The campsite was right on the river which was inspiring. Then on day 2 we did 108 miles which included a ferry ride across the Pamlico River.

Rob: So what's up next for you?
Self: I've got the White Lake Sprint coming up this weekend, then the White Lake half Ironman distance race the weekend after that. I attempted to treat the CNC weekend like a training camp, so I got in a couple of brick runs and swam once. I feel like White Lake should go good if I stay disciplined and taper correctly.

Rob: I know you're a gear geek, any new goodies lately?
Self: I guess the one really cool thing I'm waiting for is a new TT helmet. I know I'll be posing, since I'm just an age-grouper, but I always wanted one of those serious TT helmets.

Rob: Thanks for your time.
Self: No problemas bro.


Reese said...

Nice update on the 3 day ride. Good luck on your upcoming events.

Marc said...

What's up Bro, hope all is well and your tri season is going good.